June 2022 Events Fever


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Jun 5, 2022
Good Day All!

It's been about three weeks since our initial launch from 18th May 2022.
We've decided to continue the Beta till Majority of the stability issues are fixed.

For the Month of June 2022
below are the following events/activities!

  1. Fishing Mania
    • Have not tried our fishing feature? Collect as many fishes as possible from now till end of June 2022
    • collect and stock up Beltin, Breakin and Popping Fishes
    • Top 15 Players with the most about of Fishes (combined) will receive a special Fishing Chair.
  2. 2x Voting Rewards, Rate Boosts
    • 2x Vote Points and 2x Rates (EXP, Mesos and Occupation)
    • Boost will be extended till further notice.
  3. Gtop100 Reset Challenge
    • Last month from 18th May 2022 to 31st May 2022, our server has attained 31th Position at the end of the Month
    • This month if we manage to clinch rank 26th Position or lower before the reset, every player that voted for the month of June 2022 will receive donor points to test out the Donor Rewards.
    • Rank 26th - (1 Donor Points)
    • Rank 25th -Rank 24 - (3 Donor Points)
    • Rank 23- Rank 22 - (5 Donor Points)
    • Rank 22 - Rank 21 - (7 Donor Points)
    • Rank 20 - (10 Donor Points)
  4. Friend Get Friend (Conditions from June 2022)
    • Receive an exclusive starter pack bonus for every friend that you introduced to FadeMS
      • They must attained at least 5 Rebirths Count
      • Voted ONCE for the server
    • Once they have attained the above pre-requisite kindly contact a Staff for verification
      • After the Staff have done the verification checks on our end you'll receive a "Friend Get Friend Reward" which can be exchanged with Chumji NPC located within Henesys.
  5. Find the Bug (Conditions from June 2022)
    • Report Any Bugs/Exploits/Potential Issues within the Reporting Section.
    • For every unreported and issues discovered by the player, he/she will receive a "Ticket to Treasure Dungeon" which can be used to exchanged for rewards from Chumji NPC located within Henesys.
  6. Donator Perks + Donor Monthly Draw (June 2022)
    • Any Donation made throughout Now till 30th June, $1 USD = 1 Donor Point
    • Any Donations above $20 USD will automatically be enrolled into a Sure-Win Donor Monthly Lucky Draw
      • Every $20 USD (In Multiples of $20) = 1 Chance in the Monthly Draw.
      • If player donate $19 = 0 Chance
        If player Donated $41 = 2 Chances
Prizes and Rewards Subjected to Chance without further notice.
More Rewards will be updated in due time!

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