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Jun 5, 2022
FadeMS Official Update Logs
Changes, Bug Fixes, New NPC, Game Improvements will be recorded and documented within this post after server restart.

Phase 1 - (Implemented)
[New Additions to Make way for Future Features]

- Universal Saddle
- Universal Pet Equipment

[Item Changes]
- Stiff Feather (4003004) /slot Qty increased to 2500
- Soft Feather (4003005) /slot Qty increased to 2500
- All Stimulator and Manuals /slot Qty increased to 2500

[New Commands]
- Toggling Resolution (In-game)
type /res 0-4
/res 0 = 800x600
/res 1 = 1024x768
/res 2 = 1280x720
/res 3 = 1600x900
/res 4 = 1920x1080

[New Items]
- Added 58 New chairs into Database
- Added 22 New Mounts into Database
- Over 200 New Equipment into Database

[Game/Client Fixes]
- Client Stability and fixes for some crashes.
- Centralized client launch in middle, optional tweak in Fade.ini
- Donation NPC to deduct correct amount of DP for name changes according to name length.
- Fixed Multiple Label Rings and Quote Rings Displays
- Fixed an issue where some Quote Rings doesn't display chat correctly
- Fixed Certain Chairs Icon and Floating not displaying correctly
- Disabled Eagle Eye Skill
- Removal of Circle of Ancient Thought and Strength

- Finetuned and Improving of Anti-Cheating
- Auto-Ban turned on
- GM in-game notifications on Potential Botters/Cheaters
- Logging on Potential Botters/Cheater

Phase 2/3 - (Backend testing/improvements in progress next few updates)
[Fishing Reward NPC]

- Exclusive Chairs, Mounts and Equipment (with Base Stats)
- Upgradeable Fishing Equipment’s with RNG functions.

[Event Rewards NPC]
- IOC Gacha
- Exclusive Chairs, Mounts and Equipment

[Tier-ed Equipment]
- Upgradeable Equipment

[Slot Upgrader NPC]
- Questline

[New NPC]
- Pet Seller (Ace of Hearts) (In Henesys, above the Gachapon Machines)
- Improved NPC script to show Item Balance.

- Fixed certain skills causing Error38 crashes
- Fixed certain Debuffs
- Enabled certain Transformation Skills
- Fixed Daily Reward 4th Hour Unable to claim reward.

- New GM Commands to Improve bot catching ability
- Improved Player Banning System
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Jun 5, 2022
Previous Updates 2022
Update Log - 3.4 [31st August 2022]

[New Feature]

- Screenshot function in all resolutions, improved support for higher resolutions. (Screenshot button)
- Launch of Beauty Album, available for purchase from Donor Shop.

[Game/NPC Changes]
- Updated Farmer NPC to exclude Gacha Tetris, Fishes.

- Fixed Quests and Medal (Press Quest and Medal tab should not DC you)
- Removed Quest Popups and Bubbles when rebirthing
- Improve Beauty Album String
- Fixed @online2 command (previously not working)
- Fixed Monthly Donor Items (previously causing crash)

- Improved GM Warping Widget
- Improved client security on packet editing
- Added some checks on NPCs
Update Log - 3.3 [29th August 2022]

[New Items/Feature/Contents]

- Launch of Tetris Gachapon Located in Henesys (check here to find out more)
- Beauty Album - Allows user to store up to 100 Styles (Face and Hair) (Purchasable through donor shop in the next few days)
- 580 New Faces and Hair (Included within this update, to be launch periodically after testing)
- 1800 New NX Equipment (Will be conducting a backend testing for these items before launch)
- 50 New Chairs to boost ego (Will be updated in 7-11 NPC)

[Game/NPC Changes]
- Update @clearslot command to exclude certain items
- Donor Shop's EXP Card should now show 2x EXP instead of 3x EXP card.
- Donor Shop's EXP, Meso&Drop Card prices revised.

- Fixed certain Hair ID not showing up in game correctly
- Fixed crashing of client when attempting to change a Donor Style
- Remove Ability and Character Skills Popup when rebirthing
- Fixed certain chairs/rings/name tags/faces/hair display.
- Fixed certain items that has been causing disconnections

[Backend Updates]
- Included GM One Click, Warping Widget
- Updated Player check functions for GM
- Updated 3rd Party injection security, injection of any 3rd party program will trigger notification
- New GM commands to allow efficiency in carrying out duties.
- Reduced client startup time by an additional 30%.
Update Log - 3.2 [28th August 2022]

[New Items]

- Updated 80 Chairs (More details will be made available soon.)
- Added 3 others Chairs for Fishing (Not Available to players Yet)
- Introducing 48 Donor Monthly Items (More details to be made available soon.)

[NPC Fixes/Enhancements]
- Added a confirmation screen for 7-11 NPC before purchasing MEGAPHONES, White scrolls and Chaos Scrolls.
- Fixed Styler NPC (Players should be able to see the Special Monthly Donor Hairs for August made available to everyone)
- [NOTICE] Monthly Donor Hairs will not cost any DP instead, 10k Chickens and 50k NX. (FREE TO PLAY FEATURE)

[Temporary Removal]
- Removal of Donor Loot/Item Vac Notice

[Backend Lauch]
- Backend live testing of some new NPCs

[Backend Fixes]
- Improved character logging system
- Improved Player keystroke logging
- Improved Donor Points Logging System
- Improved Picking up use of 3rd Party Software
- Fixed minor Donor Points Glitches.
- Fixed Morph + Combo Attack Glitch resulting to Error 38.
- Fixed @rb commands not changing to respective jobs correctly.
- Addressing an issue of Incorrect display of certain chairs
Update Log - 3.1 [24th August 2022]

[Server Restart] - After 1 month

All players will receive;
1) 20k NX (In form of MaplePoints)
2) 3 Donor Points
3) 2 Vote Points

Meso Rates will be set to 1500x Temporary.

[Temporary Removal]
- Rebirth Count Message
- AutoChicken Message
July Updates 2022
Update Log - 3.0 [2st July 2022]

[Command Enhancement]
- autorebirth now works for normal user with limitation of 100 rebirths per day. After 100 rebirths, it will be manual rebirth till the next reset at 00:00

[Daily Reward]
- Fix TimeZone issue
Update Log - 2.9 [1st July 2022]

[Server/Client Enhancement]

1. Multiple HD Resolutions for your choice (Have to edit from .ini file for now)
2. GFX Fix for Random Crashes and Bossing
3. Windows 10, Overclocking Issues Fixes
4. Fixed Floatable Chairs
5. Increase Chat Log and History Limit to 999,999 (Feel free to AFK and check back your chats)
6. Remove Wizet/Nexon Logo when Starting client
7. Client Loading Speed (Up to 800% Faster Loading Speed)
8. Added Minimize option for window mode
9. Enabled PIC Typing when logging in (Type instead of clicking! :)
10. Solved/Reduce most client errors (I think)
11. Additional Client Checks to make sure files are update

- Vote Point NPC additional checks
- Block Warp Command at the Starting Map
- Disabled some items for Farmer Exchange

[Daily Reward]
- Additional Checks for Daily Reward NPC
- Correctly resets at Midnight
- Shows the remaining time for existing and next reward.

[GM Commands]
- Additional GM commands to improve work processes

Temporary made occupation change FREE (TEMPORARY), before the launch of the super tough questline.

- Added 100+ New Chairs (Will be release in moving forward)
- Monthly Donor Welcome Gift, New Stat Items (Changed Monthly)
June Updates 2022
Update Log - 2.8 [22th June 2022]

[Hot Fix]

- Disabled Super Transformation and Transformation (Causing DCs)
Update Log - 2.7 [20th June 2022]

[Feature Enhancement - Daily Rewards Mechanics]

- Total Rewards Tier and Hrs required remains the same (Check Previous Update on list of rewards).
- Introduced "Treasure Box" NPC for player to Accept and Start Daily Reward on their preferred character (One Account Per IP Per Day), NPC accessible through @fade (makes life easier too).
- Player have to talk to NPC to collect their rewards prior to starting the next tier (Don't rage, this is to prevent passive AFKing)

Example: If you have completed Tier 1, (which is 15mins) talk to NPC to collect rewards and you'll automatically start the Tier 2, (which is 30mins). If you don't receive your rewards, it will not start the next Tier timer countdown. [May be further enhanced moving forward]

[Minor Fixes]
- Fix Noblesse Job Advancement
- Fix Fishing DP > buy baits

@reset str/dex/int/luk
@rankings (Rebirths Wealth, Occupation, Fame and Jump Quest Points) Accessible through @fade.

- Updating of some GM commands
- Revamp theme for Website
- [ON Trial] Boss Summoning NPC, not released to players yet.
Update Log - 2.6 [18th June 2022]


- Updated @checkme and @spy (included more information)

- Disabled Body Pressure from Aran

- Introducing and made amendments to some GM commands
- Some minor fixes
Update Log - 2.5 [16th June 2022]


- New [TEST] Daily Reward System, rewarding players for staying online, mechanics may change next few days.
- Introduction of Reward Points
Online TimeRewards
15Mins500 NX, 1 Chicken
30Mins1000 NX, 3 Chickens
1Hr1500 NX, 5 Chickens, 1 Reward Point
2Hrs2000 NX, 10 Chickens, 2 Reward Points, 1 Gachapon Ticket
3Hrs3000 NX, 15 Chickens, 3 Reward Points, 1 Chaos Scroll, 1 White Scroll
4Hrs5000 NX 25 Chickens, 5 Reward Points, 2 Chaos Scroll, 2 White Scroll, 5 Gachapon Ticket
Total Reward Hours
10Hrs 45mins
Total Potential Reward Per Day
13,000 NX, 59 Chickens, 11 Reward Points 3 Chaos Scroll, 3 White Scroll, 6 Gachapon Ticket.
[New Characters/StarterMap]
- Starter Map - Enabled Commands (Players can now @maxskill)
- Buffed Newly created Characters, starts with 5k Ability Points, 5k HP (spoonfed)

[Mobs Changes - Existing]
- Henesys Hunting Ground 1 - Mobs 10x EXP
- Henesys Hunting Ground 2 - Mobs 15x EXP
- Henesys Hunting Ground 3 - Mobs 20x EXP
- Singapore Ghost Ship - Mobs 25x EXP

[Mob Changes - New/Revamp]
- Free Market 1 - 12
- Will not be following MapleGlobal Hp/EXP System.
- Fm2- Mushmom
- Fm3 - Blue Mushmom
- Fm4 - Capt Lantanica
- Fm5 - Headless Horsemen
- Fm6 - Bigfoot
- Fm7 - Black Crow
- Fm8 - Anego
- Fm9 - Kacchu Musha
- Fm10 - The Boss
- Fm11 - Wulin Yao Seng
- Fm12 - Gold Dragon

- Updated @fade to have Rebirth Milestone
- NEW @rankings - Show various Rankings
- Fixed @say, message string will display correctly.

- Improve MSI script, visually.
- Reduce Vote Points Costs from 3 to 2.
- Increase costs of other requirements
- Added Weapon DEF and Magic DEF to existing and future MSIs.
Old MSI CostNew MSI Cost
32767 Stats to All
250 Chickens
3 Vote Points
10,000 NX
3 White Scrolls
32767 Stats to All
500 Chickens
2 Vote Points
25,000 NX
7 White Scrolls

- Added MapleCoconut

- Addressed and correctly fixed Mobs hitting more than usual Damage
- Added GM commands for Jr.GMs
- Added Additional Logs
- Added more MapleTips
Update Log - 2.4 [11th June 2022]


1. Updated Stylist
- Monthly Donor Special Hairs (Costs Chickens and NX)
- Every 1st of the Month Hairstyles will Automatically be changed to a new set of donor hair.

2. Update Donor NPC
- Added more than 800 Hairstyles (Male and Female)
- Added more than 200 faces (Male and Female)
- Added 10 new skin tones

[New Commands]
[All Players]
  1. @fade (Connects you to most major NPC within FadeMS)
  2. @dshop (opens up the Donor Shop)

- dbuffme, ditemvac

- Henehoe (updated existing commands)
- New Commands to do nasty stuff. to another player, check out Henehoe Occupation NPC in Henesys.

[Minor/Backend Fixes]
- Corrected some Typo Errors from Henehoe Commands
- Corrected Display string for Setting Occupation Rate
- Testing Unisex Items, [Not Launch Yet]
- Testing Removal of job restriction when equipping another eq from other jobs. [Not Launch Yet]
Update Log - 2.3 - [9th June 2022]

[Bug Fixes]

- Fixed Occupation Rate Increase


Suggestion #1 - By Nobody (Visa)
- Increase /slot capacity for the following items;
[Increased to 1000/Slot]
1. Chaos Scroll and White Scroll [increased from 100/slot]

[Increased to 2500/Slot]
1. Beltin, Breakin, Poppin[increased from 100/slot]
2. Summoning Rocks, Magic Rocks and Monster Cards [increased from 1000/slot]
3. Tetris Blocks [increased from 100/slot]

[Increased to 5000/Slot]
1. Pet Food [increased from 2000/slot]
2. Revitalizer [Increased from 200/slot]

Suggestion #2 - By Milkyss (Milky) - @cleardrops command for players.
@cleardrops (Only individual drops will be cleared) will be added for all players.

- Improved logging system
Update Log - 2.2 - [7th June 2022]

[Rebirth Milestone Ring]

One-of-a-Kind Item, unable to equip more than 1 Ring.
Tradeable within Account

Superboosted EXP from Monsters in StarterMap to give newcomers a headstart, estimated to be like 3000x faster compared to pre-boosted.

Updated Scripts for Henehoe (with updated Occupation Commands)
Updated Script for SUCKUP Occupation (Display Items required for PetVAC)

Added "Afew" Social Commands for Henehoe, check out Henehoe Occupation NPC in Henesys for more information.

Updated Jail Map, Jail NPC script.

[Backend fixes]
- Fixed GM Hide Glitch
- @mobhp to exclude Event Monster (Baby Typhon)
- Enhancement of Shutdown Command (Notify players by Minutes Before Shutdown)
- ETC Fixes.
Update Log - 2.1 - [5th June 2022]


- Rebirth Milestone NPC (Muirhat in Henesys)
Lilian Ring as reward upon hitting various rebirth Milestones.
(Currently coded till 500k Rebirth for Ring 1) to be extended to Ring 2 moving forward
- Remove Duplicated Stirgeman in Henesys

- Improve code to be less reliant on Database.

[Cash Shop]
- Blocked sale of certain Cash Items

[Backend fixes]
- NPC scripts check and log
Update Log 2.0 - [3rd June 2022]

Music/BGM Npc

- Via @music (more BGM to be coming your way)
- If you have a BGM/Music in mind feel free to let us know the the suggestion.

Fishing NPC Fixed
- Disconnection issues previously when purchasing chickens > bait (fixed)
- If insufficient chickens, player will not be able to purchase something that cost more than what they have.

- Updated GM commands
- Event Commands
- Backend improvements
Update Log 1.9 - [1st June 2022]

1. Revert EXP rollover temporary (causing spike lag and disconnection issues)
- To be reinstated when fixed.

Added additional Event Commands
May Updates 2022
Update Log 1.8 - 31st May 2022


Update of Suckup Occupations
- Looted items to reflect EXP gain correctly.

Checked Stirgeman to spawn correctly in Henesys.
Added ChumJi NPC in Henesys
- (Allow players to claim their Friend get Friend Reward and Find the Bug Rewards
Farmer NPC
- Key Items such as Chickens and some other items has been excluded in the exchange options.

Correctly Disabled certain skills.

[Backend Fixes]
- GM commands
- Commands correction
Update Log 1.7 - 30th May 2022

Update of Occupation NPC

- Farmer NPC in Henesys now accepts trading of ETC for occupation EXP

- Autorebirth Command now has rollover EXP.
- Autorbgm Command - (Donor Tier 3)

- Disabled certain skills to prevent/encourage botting/exploitations.
- Summons
- Drain from Aran
- Smoke/Poison

- Fixes Some JQ rewards issue
- Added Missing JQ NPC on some Maps

Background Fixes
- FM Npc Placement
- Additional GM event commands
- GM tools
- Event Points for participant
- Simplified Codes
Update Log 1.6 - 25th May 2022

[Npc Fixes]

- [MSI NPC] Fixed Players Crashing when crafting an MSI.
- [Donor NPC] Fixed Coupon Expiration

[New NPCs]
- Barry (7-11)
- Megaphones, Mounts, Chair, Scrolls, White/Chaos Scrolls, Cash Items
- Buy Megaphones in bulk!
- More than 260 options of chairs (more to come barely 15% of our Chairs)
- Introduction of 50% scrolls and GM scrolls.

- Stirgeman (Item Expiration Remover)
Update Log 1.5 - 23th May 2022

NEW Download
Grab the new client files from our website, before you play!
- Improve client stability
- Removed Quest Popups, "Yellow boxes notifications"
- Removed "Quest has Arrived" in Chatbox
- Removed "Leveling Animation"
- Removed "Light Bulb Above Character"
- Unlimited Chat Spam
- Increase Damage Cap
- Revised Magic Cap
- Updated New Items into WZ (Label Rings, Pets, Equipments, Etc)
**^ to Note**
1) Pressing Quest or Medals will Direct to an Invalid Pointer
2)Remove Quest and Medals on Keyboard Shortcut and you'll be fine.

- Players will now be able to vote while Online in game.

- Updated Fishing NPC Description
- Fixed using @fishing outside of Henesys (DC issue)
- Revised Rates for Baits using JQ points (Thru Fishing NPC to match with JQ Npc)
- Increased cost of Fishing Chair to 20 Chickens. (Inflation is real)

Cash Items Slots
- Increase [Cash] Megaphones to 2500 per slot.
- Increase [Cash] Gachapon Tickets to 2500 per slot.

- Option to Convert Bank Mesos into Chickens

Nana (H)
- Removed Random Script showing "Green" color.

- Updated Jail Broadcast.

@sell/trade/giveNX will require the player to have at least 250 Rebirths.

Revised mob HP for FM maps and Donor Maps
Update Log 1.4 - 21st May 2022

- Updated @whisper
- Temporary Removed a Skin from Stylist.
- Added Buddylist Expander in Henesys (Near NANA(H)
Update Log 1.3 - 20th May 2022


- Added @selldp/@tradedp/@passdp <QTY>
- Added @whisper <Ign> to enable whisper for players with a minimum of 2 Letters IGN.

- Deduction of Items but no item given due to insufficient slots (Fixed)

- Revamp Guild Creation Mechanics, now charges chickens instead of mesos.

- Reduced to 3 channels from 5.

- Unable to gain exp when you're not within Level Limits (Fixed)
- Removed Additional EXP Line when EXP is maxed.

- Amended Exp Amount Gained for Grinder at every rebirth.
- Amended EXP Gained for Suckups.
- Fixed Occupation Levels for players showing Lv10/11 as "Maxed"

- Slight Display Fixes for Stylist

Item Per Inventory Slot
- Increased Bait holding to 2500 per slot instead of 100.
Update Log 1.2 - 19th May 2022

Jump Quests

- Incorrect JQ Points Reward (Fixed)
- Warping to Random Locations (Fixed)
- Jump Quest NPC Fail Check (Fixed)
- @reload for Breathe of Lava <2> (Fixed)

- Success Fishing Message should be seen by only player now.

Agent E - (@jobadvance)
- Fixed Aran Job Advance DC issues
- Fixed Beginner doing @jobadvance at Lv200

- Fixed Auto Quit Party after Rebirth Hit Lv10

- Big Headward (Styler NPC) Located at @Home
- Command for Styler (@style)
- Custom Fishing NPC Located at @Home

- Decreased VP requirements to 3.
- Added Server Broadcast upon Making an MSI.
Update Log 1.1 - 18th May 2022

- Updated Fishing NPC
- Updated Correct Drop message for "You missed the timing, the fish swam away."
- Increased Fish Rate.

- Removed Transformation
- Correctly Spawn Cygnus and Aran into StarterMap
- Increased Potions
- Increased SuperMegaphones
- Included Pet Food.
- Max Skills Upon Leaving

- Updated GhostShip 1,2,5,6
- Updated Headless Horsemen HP.

- Fix Cygnus not able to level beyond Lv120

- @checkme (Fixed)
- @checkstat/@spy <ign> (Fixed)
- @shop (sells common item, temporary solution)

- Remove Lv200 Broadcasts
- Introduced Rebirth Milestone Broadcasts.

- @occupation now shows, Max Occupation Lv and EXP required to lv
- Henesys Occupation NPC should display Occupation info.

NANA(H) in Henesys
- Removed - Mark of Beta
- Removed - Overalls
- Removed - GM Scrolls

- Fixed Voting, should be issuing the correct amount of VotePoints and NX
- Fixed Ranking, should show the correct Wealth, fame etcetc.
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